Child Health Partnership

Meet Kejashia

Kejashia first discovered CHiP in 2011 as a pregnant teenager attending Charlottesville High School. She enrolled in the Parenteen Program, attending educational and social support groups on a regular basis. She was experiencing both physical and emotional abuse at this time and decided to relocate to North Carolina. Sadly, her unborn daughter passed away in utero.

Kejashia reconnected with CHiP when she moved back to Virginia in 2016. She has 4 children: a 4 year-old daughter with some special medical needs, 3 year old twin boys who are non-verbal and diagnosed with autism, and a one year-old daughter. Her CHiP team has been impressed by her unwavering efforts to advocate for her young children’s needs. She does an amazing job keeping up with all of her children’s medical appointments, as well as their appointments for speech and physical therapy.

Without a driver’s license, Kejashia walks everywhere she goes. She walks her children to the YMCA Child Care Center each day and to their medical appointments. Due to her children’s complex needs, she appreciates the supportive relationships she has with her CHiP nurse and family support specialist.

Kejashia has proven to be resilient in the face of adversity.She has overcome past trauma and managed the added responsibilities of caring for children with special needs as a single parent. In addition to caring for her young children, she is a source of loving support for her sister and parents as well. We want to celebrate Kejashia’s hard work and let her know that we see her and her heroic efforts on behalf of her children. In the face of adversity and heartbreak, she inspires us.