Child Health Partnership

Meet Elsa and Mauricio

Elsa and Mauricio’s story is as old as America, a family in search of a better life making their way to the United States. Hoping to escape the gang violence plaguing their home country of El Salvador, Elsa and Mauricio each came to the US looking for safety, security and opportunity. They married and started a family, but a legal situation ended up becoming a lengthy and traumatic ICE detention and potential deportation for Mauricio.
While Mauricio was being detained, Elsa was fighting for her family. She was caring for her young children while trying to find legal representation, work multiple jobs, and keep food on the table. Through sheer determination and the kindness of friends and family, Elsa managed to raise $25,000 for Mauricio’s bond, but the financial and emotional stress took its toll on the family.
Elsa referred herself to CHiP after her adult education English teacher recommended she call for support. Her youngest daughter, Allison, was an infant at the time and the family was struggling to get her health insurance. Elsa was experiencing extreme stress over the family’s financial situation and was facing the challenge of parenting two pre-teens, a toddler and an infant.
The family’s main needs were parenting support, resource identification and access, preschool enrollment, nutrition, budgeting, finding a bilingual pediatrician and medical home, and mental health support. Their CHiP workers were able to provide the appropriate support and connections so that Elsa and Mauricio could do the work of providing a stable, secure, and nurturing home where their children can thrive. Their hard work has paid off and has helped them achieve their dream of owning their own home. Congratulations Elsa and Mauricio!