Child Health Partnership

Meet George and Stephanie

When George and Stephanie were expecting their first baby, they were naturally nervous and excited. But baby Georgie was born too soon. He arrived at 32 weeks, weighing a mere 2 pounds, 7 ounces. He had multiple medical complications and spent his first four and a half months in the NICU enduring many procedures and surgeries.

Stephanie did an amazing job keeping up with all of Georgie’s special needs and appointments. She kept all his well-child visits, dental visits, sick visits, and appointments with three other medical specialists. The CHiP team first met the Gibson family when Georgie was in kindergarten. He had already missed 30 days of school due to various illnesses, including pneumonia and a gastrointestinal blockage that required surgery, and was on at least 5 daily medications. Additional support from CHiP staff enabled George and Stephanie to manage the additional concerns of meeting his other developmental needs in the face of overwhelming medical issues.

“It is clear how the parents’ dedication to Georgie’s health and development (which included many medical and developmental recommendations) has contributed to a child who is thriving in many ways,” said their CHiP nurse, Teri. “Stephanie followed doctors instructions, but was also assertive in her communication with all the providers (including us!).”

George and Stephanie have carefully considered and balanced Georgie’s need to be a “normal” kid, while maintaining a strict regimen of medication and frequent appointments. The family has also been committed to keeping Georgie healthy through physical activity. He has played T-ball for the last two seasons. You are all winners in our book!