Child Health Partnership

Meet Ashley

2011 Imagine Award Honoree Ashley Jurney

It’s never easy to be 15, but for Ashley it was an especially tumultuous year. After going into foster care to escape a stressful home situation, beginning to concentrate at school, and starting to set goals for herself, she found out she was pregnant. The news was paralyzing.

In the midst of this crisis, a CHiP staff person connected with Ashley, who helped her recognize and build on her many strengths. Ashley’s CHiP nurse provided her with education on prenatal care and assisted her in setting up appointments at UVA’s Teen Health Center.

After baby Noah was born, Ashley worked with her CHiP team to learn how to care for her new baby and anticipate his needs. Her nurse gave her helpful strategies so she could breastfeed Noah while continuing to go to school. Her team supported her as she worked through challenging relationships with her foster family, boyfriend, and grandparents. Ashley began to keep Noah on track with his well child visits, immunizations, and dental care.

After graduating from high school last spring, Ashley is working at CVS and attending classes at PVCC, hoping to enter pharmacy school at VCU. It’s a big dream, and she’s making big plans. Noah, now almost two, is beginning to run and talk. “It’s hard to take care of a child,” Ashley admits. “I’m still learning how to take care of myself!”

Submitted by Felicia Toney, CHiP Family Support Worker