“I remember when I had Cali, I just held her and cried over her the whole first night telling her, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing or how I’m going to do this, but we’ll make it work,’ and we did.” ~Maggie Liddon

Becoming a new parent can be scary, but for Maggie, it was terrifying. Maggie’s unplanned pregnancy came in the midst of a life shaped by addiction. Born to substance addicted parents, Maggie operated in “survival mode” for much of her life. She lost both her mother, younger brother, and two cousins to drug overdoses. Seeing the devastating effects of drugs in their lives, Maggie became committed to her own sobriety.

Maggie was determined to give Cali a better life. She enrolled in the CHiP program when she was pregnant, in treatment for heroin addiction and struggling with limited financial resources and little to no support from family and friends. Since Cali’s birth, Maggie has worked steadily at improving her life situation, enhancing her parenting skills, and expanding her knowledge of child development.

Maggie provides a safe, stable, and loving home for Cali.  She has done the hard work of getting clean, and she continues to meet the daily challenges of staying sober and parenting in a way that gives Cali the best opportunity to be heathy and successful in life.

When nominating Maggie for this year’s Imagine Awards, her CHiP worker, Rosemary Heflin, wrote, “Maggie is the very definition of resilience.  She has experienced major trauma and tragedy in her life, starting at a very young age.  I have been amazed by her ability to face life’s challenges with hope and perseverance. She is a loving, caring mother who is making a bright future for herself and her daughter.”


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